No One is Great at Everything

No one is great at everything.

Can we all agree on this?  OK then.   What do we do with this knowledge?

Embrace it! Feel the enormous burden being lifted from your shoulders.  Come out from under the pressure of trying to do or be something you are NOT!

Don’t ignore it.  You only have 10 toes, you can hardly afford to shoot off any pursuing something you know you are not good at simply because you were unwilling to admit it is not one of your strengths.

Don’t hide it.  if you know you are not strong in an area seek to improve it but not on your own. Share your assessment  of your skill level (use positive language) in this particular area. Benefits of openly acknowledging a particular weakness:

  • Great opportunity for bonding as EVERYONE (even those unwilling to say so publicly) struggle with something
  • Manage expectations
  • Gain an alliance with others who struggle in this area
  • As you improve in this area others who “knew you when” will recognize your evolution and will recognize said accomplishment

Focus on what you are good at. no matter how good you are at something, continued practice will always lead to improvement. Identify what you do best and the opportunity for growth in this area. Game plan for elevating this area. If your good at it now just imagine where you can take it. As you fine tune your skill others will recognize you as an Expert in this area, even if it is an extremely minute vertical niche, being considered the expert in said area is as good as you can hope for.  Side benefit; once you are recognized an expert in one area it provides a residual or rub-off effect of consideration as an expert in parallel areas.

Embrace Your weakness just as you embrace your greatness.

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