Fishing In The Wrong Stream

Targeting and Segmentation

I just receive an exquisite marketing piece in the mail for what looks like the ultimate fishing getaway vacation package.  The 2-pocket binder with pull-out catalog is almost as breath taking as the photos in the mini catalog of activities. It is a great looking $12-20 piece on what looks like a extravagant fishing trip…The only problem is, I don’t fish.

My first thought was how did I get on their mailing list? 2nd, who segments their list?  Once you have defined your niche and your target. Segment that target down as narrowly as you can.  Sure you are free to sell to and hopefully retain anyone who sniffs you out, but please only target and go after those who fit the profile of your ideal prospect.

If you you refrain from shot gun advertising, you should see improvement in ROI, response rates and conversions.  And ultimately, isn’t this where you want to be investing you precious resources?

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