Win Or Lose, Flyers Front Office Takes Winning Approach

The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team is on a tremendous run as a result of , commitment to a goal and dedication to teamwork. The front office is on a winning streak of its own.  By remaining focused on their goals and rewarding commitment, they are scoring often and winning big,

Professional sports teams measure success the same way small business owners do, the bottom line.  Granted they have more $00,000,000. in their ledger sheet. But it still comes down to customer service, selling and delivering value to generate profit.

Despite what Flyers fans want to believe, the front office doesn’t measure success by the number of trophies they’ve won. They are successful when they sell advertising and to some degree ticket sales.  Trophies are just another piece of their overall marketing puzzle. To their fans a Stanley cup is an endorsement from the league that they are delivering quality. To their clients (advertisers) the Cup is a testimonial to the value they offer.

Here is where the Flyers front office scored big:

Though unexpected, sneaking into the post season as a 7th seed on the last play of the last game of the season, their current run is due in part to the teams focus on its goals and rewarding commitment to team.  By having depth at the goal tending position (business translation; investment in infrastructure to overcome obstacles and ensure delivery), they were able to overcome an unusual number of injuries and still get into the post season.  (Post season = extra advertising revenue…SCORE).  Despite a tremendous opportunity to sell high $$$ advertising space due to tremendous exposure (Stanley Cup finals), the organization has reserved all of their commercial airtime and website real estate for their existing clients (read advertisers…SCORE) By remaining loyal to the advertisers who were with them from the beginning, they have enhanced the value of their offering and are building tremendous customer loyalty…WIN!!

Though the team hasn’t won the Cup yet, we can congratulate the Flyers front office for delivering not only a winning season but from a business perspective, the best kind of win…A WIN-WIN!!!