Do You Fear Negative Feedback?

Fear of Negative Feedback…

If a customer (soon to be former) makes a negative comment in the Socialsphere and you are not actively engaged in social media, does the disgruntled customer still make a sound…YOU BETCHA!!!!

Negative feedback can be a good thing…If you are prepared to respond!¬† What a great story you can tell if your client expresses discontent and you actually step to the plate and make amends.

If you never hear a negative word about your product/offering/organization, more than likely you are not listening or perhaps your not worth talking about in the first place.

  • ¬†Make customer service/customer retention JOB 1 through 5
  • Develop a plan to strategically react in the event something goes less than perfectly (we have all had to deal with clients that expect the impossible).
  • Get on line and listen
  • Give your clients AND prospects a convenient avenue to communicate with your team before/during/and after the sale.