Making the Most of LinkedIn.

Here are five basic tips for using LinkedIn to build your personal/professional brand:


1. Complete your profile: this seems obvious but take a look. Not everyone is following this basic step. maximize your opportunities to meet someones needs.  If you’ve had a lot of great work experience, then say so.

2. LinkedIn Groups: The idea is to connect with interested parties and promote yourself as an expert in your area.  Starting or participating in group discussions positions you as an expert and, just like people who start events; it makes you the center of information and the “connector.”

3. Unique URL: For personal branding, you need to attach everything on the webback to you. LinkedIn has vanity URL’s that help your Google results.  LinkedIn, is a major website, has a high Google page rank and gives you the ability to make a URL, which typically ranks high for your name.

4. Applications: If you have something of value to say or share use LinkedIn to get the word out: WordPress blog RSS and are applications that provide an additional channel to show your genius. Having your blog syndicate through your profile is valuable to showing employers that you’re already writing about topics you’re interested in and a Slideshare presentation also makes you look like you’re contributing great value.

5. Linking: Connect to those who reflect where you want to go. Connect your profile to external sites. You can add your LinkedIn profile URL to your email signiture, your blog, twitter and just about anywhere your target audience is on the web.  LinkedIn profiles are easy to read and are focused on your professional careers, so using the URL everywhere just makes sense.