Start by Conveying Your Value.

Strengthen your sales approach by strengthening your sales message

Your sales message is how you communicate your offering’s value.  It states why somebody would consider buying from you.  Always remember, it is ALL about them!

Six step process to write a sales message that will help convey your value:

  • STEP #1: Get into the customer’s shoes. Look at what your offering provides from the viewpoint of a typical customer. How does he see the problem that your offering solves?
  • STEP #2: Start with the phrase: “Our customers hire us to…” and then write down what your offering does for the customer. That’s your first sentence.
  • STEP #3: Start with the phrase: “What’s unique about our approach is…” and then write down something that’s different than your competition.
  • STEP #4: Go through the two sentences and examine every word and phrase for jargon and biz-blab. To do this you: “what does this mean, really”? If your mind comes up with a simpler phrase, use it.
  • STEP #5: Examine the remaining words to see if you can make the nouns and verbs more emotional and add a concrete example.
  • STEP #6: Shorter is sweeter.

Here are some quick tips to follow while you’re writing:

  • Emphasize what you can do that your competitors can’t.
  • Add something personal about you as a sales professional.
  • WIIFM: Make the core of the message, about what the prospect wants/needs.
  • Provide some sort of verifiable fact that validates your claims.

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