It’s All About Customer Service!

If you want to succeed,

Customer Service

don’t suck at customer service.

You can build the best mouse trap but if your customer service is bad it will be impossible to build the momentum necessary to succeed. If your product is so so yet your customer service wins you friends and fans you still have a chance to generate and maintain momentum. The primary two reasons people buy is to avoid risk or to make themselves feel better. If your offering promises either of these, someone will try it.

Now that they are invested, you are responsible for maintaining their initial belief that they will minimize risk or enhance their feeling of self.  If all goes well they are satisfied with your offering. But if you need to interact with your customer, you can develop a relationship beyond your product. And regardless of your product, humans tend to derive more comfort (addressing both insurance from risk and self worth) from relationships than from “things”.

Therefore I recommend a 2-prong approach to developing and maintaining momentum towards the success you desire:

  1. Build the best mouse trap (rodent management solution for the all-inclusive animal lovers among us) you possibly can afford to deliver.
  2. Deliver even better customer service than your product delivers.

In case you are wondering which firms “get it” and which firms are “missing the mark”, check out these links: