Don’t Tell Me How Good You Are. Show Me!

10 things to never tell your prospects.

It occurred to me, as I read this article by Jeff Haden, in the eyes of your prospects, buzz words are red flags that you have yet to demonstrate your claims. Skip the buzz words and “show me”  the prospect, what I think matters. Rather than focusing on selling your prospect on how slick you are or how many sales-speak buzz words you know, prove it.

Prove It!

Sales training programs suggest conducting a DISC profile or identifying the learning style of your prospects to “connect” on a deeper level. If you really want to speak your prospects language, use these tools to insure the appropriate communication style is applied to your “show me” method of verifying what you intend to deliver.

DISC profile applied for verification purposes:

D = Be Direct, brief and to the point

I =  Find positive story to connect offering on emotional level

S = Take it slow and build the story; issue, solution, results

C = Use data and facts to focus on quality and results more so than emotional benefits

VAK Learning Styles assessment applied for verification purposes:

Visual = Uses visuals to paint a picture of the direct benefits

Auditory =  Tell a story that clearly articulates the end result

Tactile/Kinesthetic = Connect your offering to their emotional benefit

Remember, it is not about how much you know, who your clients are, what you think of yourself… It is and will always be 100% about proving you can and will deliver WIIFM: What’s In It For Me!

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