Connecting the Tweets for SEO

3 quick hits to maximize the impact of your micro blog (Twitter) on your SEO.             Follow Us on Twitter

Choose name(s) with search engines in mind. Use both “name” field and “username” to your advantage; it’s important to choose the name people will most likely search. You’re limited as to the # of characters, so you might have to consider using abbreviations, keeping the most relevant word whole.

Create relevant and searchable content. When professionally tweeting, the general rule is stick to professional content that followers will want to share. Use relevant keywords and #hashtags to drive visibility on search results important to your businesses target audience.

Include links to your URLs. If they are reading your content, show them where they can find more. Send followers to your website. That is where the keywords in your tweet also come into play—since you’ve given followers the terms with which they should search.

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