Change Your Language – Change Your Approach.

Just as the title of this post is not specific, neither is the application. The context of this article focuses on marketing (the ball field I call home) and therefore relevant to myself and other marketers. However, anyone can use the content as a guide on how to apply to their own playing field*.


I enjoyed this article and thought you would as well:

 Key take away:

  • Stop using the language, mentality and approach of warfare to convey, derive or deliver your strategies
  • The wired world seeks a kinder gentler path to “connecting” with products, vendors and experts
  • Pull versus push marketing requires the language of embrace, appreciate and shared purpose 


Let me know what you think. Share your thoughts.

* Notice, I used the term playing field rather than battlefield to soften the imagery?

Introduce Yourself To New Connections With a Video Clip.

Its easier than it sounds.

Here is a great artilce by David Johnson on the application and return on investment of video in your Social Media

Take-Aways: videochat.jpg

  • The strength of your social networking lies in the quality of your connections, not the quantity.
  • You can’t beat the power of video to make a connection.
  • The return (as far as developing a relationship) far out weighs the investment of time/resources.

Are New Clients Better Than Old Clients?

I think not!  But is that what our marketing says to our existing clients?custappreciate.jpg

Here is my take on Kelly Weppler Hernandez’s  simple ways to reward your top clients:

  1.  Acknowledge long-time clients for their patronage and feature them in your newsletter, website and other marketing materials. Video testimonials may seem scary at first but who doesn’t want to be on the big screen, even if it is a little screen.
  2. Be everywhere that they are.  Be connected to them on social networking sites, on their blogs, commenting and engaging your clients in their business.  Lend your hand to help make them successful.          
  3. Host a client appreciation event where your best clients have an opportunity to interact with your prospects and other vendors you value and work with.  Ensure that your best clients come away from that event feeling special and understanding how much you value their business.
  4. Plan a Get-Away-From-The-Office event with no work related ties.  Person-to-person or group-to-group.
  5. When they make a referral that does business with you, offer them a discount on a future service.  Then they’re even more likely to refer again and again.
  6. Put your Referral Mindset on.  Think about who you can refer to them or who you can introduce them to that might benefit from learning more about their business.
  7. Seek out their feedback.  Who doesn’t want their opinion to be heard and think that it matters.
  8.  Create win-win alliances between your vendors and your clients.  It could be as simple as taking advantage of quantity discounts to attend conferences.
  9. Reward top clients by allowing them to contribute their thoughts into your product development. This requires that you be prepared with answers as to why their ideas were not integrated. 
  10. And my favorite… Say 






and say it often!