Networking is Not Hard, Even if You Suck at It!

If you believe in what you do, just smile and say hello.


Here is Zita’s Top 10 List of networking tips. But it doesn’t even have to be this complicated.

To help you get the ball rolling, I have knocked it down to the two biggest hurdles you will have to overcome.

  • The first and hardest thing to do is SIGN UP to attend. Now it is that much harder to back out.
  • Next, even if you are afraid to approach strangers, not to worry, someone will come up to you and ask “What do you do?”  If you don’t know what you would say in response to such a crazy invasive question, here is all you need to do to prepare:
    • before you arrive at the event call one of your good customers and ask them what you do for them?  You can right it down if that helps you to remember it. But this is REAL and real makes for the best answer you can give to this question.

Once you have mastered showing up and answering “what do you do?” Then you are ready to tackle the rest of Zita’s list.


If you would prefer to be at the top of your game, prior to your next networking event, or would rather not risk missing out on a golden opportunity, drop me a line.