What Brands Do You Love?

The brand is a story. But it’s a story about you, not about the brand.


Seth Godin writes about why we love brands.

Brands and why we love them.

Brands and why we love them.

I want to know what brands you love and why?

Is it a childhood connection or are you trying to make that special connection. Share your thoughts in the comment section.


When Better Biz Dev is in the mode for something a little less sweet…

Brand that defined a generation

Brand that defined a generation

Did Video Really Kill Radio?

Or was radio a one-trick/sense-medium destined for its fate?

Don’t blame video for the death of anything.  In fact video could be your one true savior.  I know video is scary and intimidating…


Here is a great article by Marketfish  on how video can save your beloved email marketing.

  •  Ever since the invention of the Talking Picture Show your audience has desired stimulation of both visual and auditory senses
  • Video outperforms all other forms of content period
  • Despite what you may think, incorporating video isn’t as demanding as you might think
    • Sure it helps to have a good partner to get started

Get in front of the lens and be yourself. Be genuine.