An Image Is Worth Thousands of Words!

Double your SEO results by referencing your Images as well as your text.Power of Visuals

You know I advocate adding images to your blog posts right?  And of course, if you post it it is content that can draw search spiders to your content. So don’t stop with your blog.  All of your social media content should be accompanied by an image.

To help with manipulating your images for each site click the image below

for an infographic by LunaMetrics.Social Media Image Size Guide


Your Content Editing Checklist!

Never shoot yourself or your content in the foot!

Here is a helpful tool from our friends at Hubspot for preparing your content to go live.


Link to Checklist
in WORD format

You’ve researched your topic, conducted background checks on the data and you are confident in the benefit it will bring your target audience. You are ready to PUBLISH! Not so fast. Have you run through your editorial checklist? Here is Pamela Vaughan’s Editorial Checklist to review for every piece of content you publish.

Now let me go back and look for all the things I missed the first time through the list. That leads me to the 10th commandment of the editorial Checklist:

Get another person/set of eyes to review the content against the list. We are sometimes blind to the obvious in our own work.


Its Easier To Sell When You Connect With Your Target’s Emotions.

The emotional significance of colors on the sales process.

HeartsDid you ever ask yourself, “Why is pink and red the color of valentines day?” Well I am glad you asked. Their is an emotional connection associated with each and every color. Dating back to my days selling LCD panels and the introduction of presentation software, I have been preaching the importance of properly deploying color in order to give ones message the right tone. In some cases, the right color can provide that added push to bring the message home for your audience.

Nickname : Green

If your goal as a sales person or marketer is to connect with your target audience shouldn’t you carefully consider your color choices? (Rhetorical…Of course you should!) Brian Morris does a nice job in connecting the dots between colors and their relationship with your audiences emotions 10 Colors That Increase Sales and Why.

What does a gold band say to a girl?


What do you think of when you see the sparkle of gold?


Your New Sales Force: The Marketing Department

Is Marketing the “New Sales”?

Meet your new sales rep.

Here is a great article, Marketing Is The New Sales by Craig Valier of The MX Group. He had me with his opening line, one I use often with prospects, “Selling is not rocket science.”

Craig highlights:

  • The similarities and shift in roles of the sales rep to the marketer
  • Develop relationships through the sharing of information as content
  • Meet your prospects on their unique terms