An Image Is Worth Thousands of Words!

Double your SEO results by referencing your Images as well as your text.Power of Visuals

You know I advocate adding images to your blog posts right?  And of course, if you post it it is content that can draw search spiders to your content. So don’t stop with your blog.  All of your social media content should be accompanied by an image.

To help with manipulating your images for each site click the image below

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Are You Afraid of Social Media?

Like it or hate it, social media is here to stay so you better embrace it.

Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald’s article, “Most Organizations Still Fear Social Media” to be disturbing based on the fact that they have the benefit of time on their side (nearly a year between first and follow up).

If your organization thinks it can avoid social media, just ask United Airlines or Toyota for that matter. How do your organization feel about Social Media?

Organizations Fear Social Media

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What To Look For Post Cyber-Monday

The power of Social to influence on-line buyers.

TRUSTI saw this list of Data points and thought I would share.  Do any surprise you? After the #s come out for Cyber-Monday, see if they corroborate these stats. What, if any, adjustments will you make moving forward?

1. Consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals (Hubspot)

2. Social networks influence nearly 50% of all IT decision makers (LinkedIn – learn more at TechConnect ’12)

3. Out of 53% of consumers who said they use Twitter to recommend companies or products in their Tweets, 48% bought that product or service (SproutSocial)

4. Twitter is the #1 online channel for influencing purchasing decisions surrounding electronics (Mashable)

5. 15,100,000 consumers go to social media channels before making purchase decisions (Knowledge Networks)

6. 49% of consumers use Facebook to search for restaurants (Mashable)

7. 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions (SproutSocial)

8. 58% of Facebook users expect offers, events or promotions when they become fans (Hubspot)

9. Facebook is the most effective platform to get consumers talking about products (SproutSocial)

10. Facebook is the #1 online channel for influencing the purchase of baby products (Mashable)

11. 79% of consumers like a Facebook company page because it offers discounts and incentives (Forbes)

12. 44% of automotive consumers conduct research on forums (Mashable)

13. 38,000,000 13 to 80 year olds in the U.S. said their purchasing decisions were influenced by social media (Knowledge Networks)

14. 81% of US respondents indicated that friends’ social media posts directly influenced their purchase decision (Forbes)

15. As of June 2011, there were 213,000,000 fans of Facebook Pages (Mashable)

16. 32.5% of women say they’re influenced by special offers on Facebook vs 29% on Twitter (Business2Community)

17. 78% of respondents said that companies’ social media posts impact their purchases (Forbes)

18. Moms are 45% more likely than other women to say they made a purchase from a recommendation on social (MarketingProfs)

19. 70% of active online adult social networkers shop online, 12% more likely than the average adult internet user (Nielsen)

20. 44% of social media savvy women said their trusted/favorite blogger influences their purchasing decision (Business2Community)