Positioning Your Offering To WIN!

Business Partners

  • Are you attracting the right clients?
    • What is your customer attrition rate?
    • Is it a win-win relationship
    • Or do they treat you like another commodity?
  • Is the value you bring to clients fully appreciated?
    • Are you being properly compensated for your offering?
    • Are you getting paid what you’re worth? 
    • Do they pay on your terms or theirs?
  • How many of your customers regularly provide referrals?
    • Do you have a repeatable referral program in place?
    • Do they appreciate and respect your expertise?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding one or more of the topics listed, then it’s worth investing 10 minutes in a conversation to explore paths forward.

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Profits All you have to lose by not addressing these areas is; Client$, Margin$ and Market $hare!